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I love installation art and projection mapping. I've made lots of cool things.

I also work in galleries and public art creating wishing wells, transdimensional portals, and more.


Stronger Together-Emory Goiuzetta Business School, curated by Dashboard

An interactive projection mapped installation using Azure Kinect

A Graveyard Duet with T.Lang Dance

A Graveyard Duet of the Past Now at The High Museum of Art from T. Lang Dance on Vimeo.

Wildwood Revival Music Festival 2016

Guerilla Projections, Atlanta, GA

Resurgens with Out of hand Theatre company

a massive projection mapped phoenix puppet

with live music and choreography telling the story of Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward

Resurgens- A Phoenix Flies Over Old 4th Ward-HD from Adam Fristoe on Vimeo.

Every Drone projected at once

Solo Exhibition "Transient Pulse" 2017 Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA

CYDONIA, an imagined Martian Landscape Waves.GIF @ Mammal Gallery

Atlanta, GA

Solo Exhibition "Project Bluebeam: Transmissions from the Black Knight Satellite"

Nine Ace Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Vast Active Living Intelligence System

25 Electrical Outlets, 25 apparitions