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Extended Reality Projects

Mixed Reality Experiments

Experiments with Meta Quest 3 Mixed Realilty and OpenAI.


Memento Mori

Winner of Best use of ShapesXR

We wanted to build a system that allows us to honor our deceased loved ones by creating virtual memorials in cemeteries that are also embedded on the Solana blockchain, creating an immutable legacy of life.

Check out our Devpost



Winner of Saving the Planet / Resilient Society of the Future Award - Sponsored by Solana and Bronze Award overall

UCity makes civic engagement authentic, transparent, and fun using Solana blockchain and Augmented Reality

Check out our Devpost

Under Armour- Coaches Armoury

A pixel streaming experiential learning environment created using Unreal Engine

Available via web on computer and mobile browser, the platform consists of two primary elements: an experiential platform

where athletes can search and sign up for a variety of camps, clinics, showcases games, leagues and tournaments through the calendar in every sport,

and a digital performance hub launching in 2022 where athletes can access a variety of content from premier coaches and trainers to support their training ambitions.

UA NEXT Website

Forbes Article

ODOGG- Quills Fest

I was commisioned by Artizen Fund and Oregon Shakespeare Festival to create a multi-camera Volumetric Capture

of legendary performer Black Thought

for Quills Fest in Museum of Other Realities

as part of the Depthkit Studio pilot program

Make Me A World Books

An Augmented Reality Application for Random House Publishing and Make Me A World Books

I was commissioned to create an Augmented Reality project using Depthkit volumetric capture

for the young adult novel "Home is not A Country" by Safia Elhillo.

This book was one of the top selling YA novels of 2020



A Fourth Dimensional Travel Guide

A location based augmented reality artwork created for Ars Electronica 2020 Barcelona Garden with Support from Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture

Explore your environment and discover fourth dimensional Tesseracts all over the globe that exist beside our reality.

Snap photos to share as part of an ever growing archive of a multidimensional system of interacting elements.

Available on




David Foster Wallace wrote about trying to visualize the fourth spatial dimension: “you can feel, almost imperceptibly, a strain at the very root of yourself, the first popped threads of a mind starting to give at the seams.”

Most of us can’t expect to truly make sense of dimensions outside of our three-dimensional realm of experience, but “Quantum Tesseract” visualises the fourth dimension through sculptural projections of HyperCubes (fourth dimensional shapes) existing in a constant state of quantum unfolding. Here a viewer can find themselves in a place beyond three dimensional existence possible only through virtual reality.

Official Selection VRHAM 2020

Also now featured in the permanent collection of Museum of Other Realities

IMMENSIVA 2020 VR/AI Residency Program

I was recently awarded the IMMENSIVA Prize from ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art and Culture

in Barcelona. I spent one month in residence creating a collaborative Virtual Reality Project

while meeting professionals and Curators throughout the European creative technology world.

Our Project "Invisible Universe" was created with the assistance of Astrophysicists from

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life at Berkeley University


Playformanx is a Virtual Reality production and rehearsal tool created for Theatre

Professionals. Rehearse new productions, adjust staging, lighting, and costuming

all from remote places using the magic of XR. We will also include a VR distribution system

in collaboration with some of the top theatre companies around the world

Created for Cannes XR with an amazing team from Madrid, Spain.

Spatial Computing In Seclusion-experiments during quarantine

Work Spacer is a social distancing tool intended for small work spaces and outdoor areas.

Work spacer uses computer vision software and body tracking to measure precise distances between people, as well as monitor hand to face interactions.

(nano) dust in the Wind - a wind based music synthesizer using computer vision

An AR voice visualization system

Extracelestial was a shared space VR installation for Oculus Quest.

Users were placed in an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a wormhole in which you can view the 4th dimension.

We threw a huge VR party including interactive projections and VR DJ Illuminaty playing remotely from San Francisco

I recently particpated in the MIT Reality Hack 2020! Our team created a volumetric narrative piece using Nreal mixed reality glasses and Oculus Quest

I recently got my hands on the new Azure Kinect

camera. I'm working on realtime VFX, Holoportation, interactive installations, and more

Summer/Fall 2019

What an awesome summer! I'm currently working on Bose Audio AR in San Diego, VR projects in LA, AR/VR with colleagues from MIT, and The Roswell UFO FESTIVAL was a huge success!

Watch out for Ashtar, coming to VR Arcades around the world!


Surfing On Entropy for Bose AR

Surfing On Entropy is an interactive non-linear soundscape using Bose AR Technology based around the character Ris, an orphaned neuroscientist

Her research opens a portal to another dimension somewhere between dreams and reality.

Through the use of frequencies and codes the user helps Ris to unlock the truth about her memories and who she really is.



An alien adventure for Oculus Quest, presented at the UFO Festival, Roswell, NM and Now Available on SideQuest

Project BlueBeam XR

A location based augmented reality experience

Created for the International UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell New Mexico

We made the Front Page of the Roswell Daily Record


Infinite Observer

a virtual reality experience for the blind and visually impaired

part of Oculus Launchpad 2018 and still in Development with Daniel Sabio


Lead Developer

Black (w)hole

Lead developer MIT MEDIA LAB

created by Sultan Sharrief, Black (w)hole was an intereactive performance installation using

Lenovo AR passthrough and holograms created in Depthkit


Winter/Spring 2019

I recently spent time traveling to work with awesome XR artists and showcase my own work.

Stops included NYC for the New York Art in VR Event, and MIT in Boston for the Reality Virtually Hackathon.

read more about MIT here: IceBreakers

I was also recently accepted into the Oculus Start developer program!


Created for the MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon

Lead Developer

Dream Collection Agency

A virtual reality collection of user donated dreams*** now in progress for Oculus Quest

Coming soon

Face to Face

an intimate look at gun injury and human resilience that is based on the life of a mother of two daughters, who wears a facial prosthetic due to near fatal gun injury.

FACE TO FACE was chosen from a record number of highest quality entries to be awarded the 2018 Alternate Realities Commission and the Alternate Realties: Virtual Reality Award

from Sheffield International Doc/Fest

3d Modeling and Augmented Reality

F2FMain by krispatl on Sketchfab

Western Movie-

360 music video created for Sirre David

Simulation Hypothesis

an early VR experiment

I am also interested in having fun with Augmented Reality