Kris Pilcher

Latest Extended Reality Projects...


Created for the MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon

Lead Developer

Infinite Observer

a virtual reality experience for the blind and visually impaired

part of Oculus Launchpad 2018

Lead Developer

Dream Collection Agency

A virtual reality collection of user donated dreams

Coming soon

Face to Face

an intimate look at gun injury and human resilience that is based on the life of a mother of two daughters, who wears a facial prosthetic due to near fatal gun injury.

FACE TO FACE was chosen from a record number of highest quality entries to be awarded the 2018 Alternate Realities Commission and the Alternate Realties: Virtual Reality Award

from Sheffield International Doc/Fest

3d Modeling and Augmented Reality

F2FMain by krispatl on Sketchfab

Steam Truck

recreation of a local maker space for students

Lead Developer / Creative Director

Western Movie-

360 music video created for Sirre David

Simulation Hypothesis

an early VR experiment

I am also interested in having fun with Augmented Reality

Some sketches from Tilt Brush by Google